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space12h.gif (36 bytes)Using a Navman GPS Sleeve with OziExplorerCE

Frequently Asked Questions

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Only one software program can access the Navman unit at the same time. Before trying to use OziExplorerCE with the Navman you must close down the Navman GpsInfo software or any other software which is communicating with the Navman.


How do I configure OziExplorerCE for my NAVMAN GPS Sleeve?

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Install the SmartPath drivers

Install the SmartPath GPS software which comes with the Navman sleeve.  This will install the driver to configure the port the Navman GPS uses. The driver adds a new serial port which OziExplorerCE uses to communicate with the Navman.

You should also download and install the drivers from here.

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Configure OziExplorerCE

Configure OziExplorerCE - using the menu options File / Configuration / NMEA (GPS)

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  • Communication Port - The drop-down list shows the actual ports which the PDA has installed and a description of each port is shown. It may have the description as "Navman GPS" or something similar.

  • Baud Rate - set to 57600

  • Sentence - GPRMC

  • GPS NMEA Output Datum - WGS84

  • Use Check Sum - set to ON (ticked)

  • Check Valid - can be set either way but be aware of the difference of operation you can expect.  If ON - the Valid flag in the sentence from the GPS will be checked and if the GPS indicates that it does not have a valid fix, OziExplorerCE will NOT process the sentence. If OFF - the sentence will be processed, although the GPS may not have a valid fix.

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OziExplorerCE seems to take longer to get a fix on the satellites than the Navman GpsInfo software?

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  • We also use the Navman sleeve and have experienced this same problem. Not very often but it has occurred.

  • Firstly make sure you have the Check Valid flag turned off on the NMEA (GPS) dialog in OziExplorerCE Configuration otherwise OziExplorerCE will not track until the GPS reports it has a perfect 3D fix.

  • OziExplorer cannot influence how the GPS gets a fix it can only react to the NMEA sentences being received from the GPS. Therefore if OziExplorerCE will not track your position then the GPS is not sending a position.

  • OziExplorerCE uses the drivers supplied by Navman to receive the NMEA sentences from the GPS.

  • We have found that when using a reradiating antenna the problem does not occur.

  • Make sure you have installed the latest GpsInfo/Drivers from the Navman web site www.navman.com. There is a new set of Drivers (and GPSInfo utility) available here Download Navman GPSInfo Utility which are from Navman but may be more recent than the ones on the Navman web site. Install the GPSInfo program. Run it and choose the "Set Defaults" option on the "Options" menu. This will reset the Navman to factory defaults.

  • One user has reported that minimizing OziCE (click X in upper left corner) allows the Navman to get a fix. I cannot verify this as my Navman is working well.

  • If nothing you do fixes the problem contact us direct (  info@oziexplorer.com )

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OziExplorerCE does not show Altitude or Satellites after using the SmartST Pro software?

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  • The SmartST Pro software changes the sentences the Navman outputs to suit itself and does not change them back to normal when it is closed.

  • Navman have indicated they will provide a service release for SmartST Pro to fix this problem.

  • Navman have released this new version of GPSInfo (and driver) which can reset the Navman sleeve to produce the required output. Download Navman GPSInfo Utility.

  • Install the GPSInfo program. Run it and choose the "Set Defaults" option on the "Options" menu. This will reset the Navman to factory defaults.

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OziExplorerCE and my iPAQ appear to be running in "slow motion"?

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  • Turn off the Infrared Sensor - to do this, on the windows Start Menu select Settings / Connections / Beam,  untick the option "Receive all incoming beams"

  • This may be particularly noticeable if the infrared sensor is facing the sun.


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