OziExplorer CE - PND F.A.Q. (Specific Devices)

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PND's which are locked and cannot install OziExplorerCE

Some models are locked to prevent software other than what is supplied from being used. There may be information on the internet on how to unlock the device to allow it to run Windows based software and a search usually finds it..

Note : we do not provide assistance in the unlocking of any device or running of OziExplorerCE on them.  Check the links below for instructions for unlocking to allow the running of additional software.

Installing OziExplorerCE on PND's

Because these devices most likely do not have ActiveSync you need to download the OziExplorerCE.exe version of OziExplorerCE from the "Download / Navigators" section on the OziExplorerCE web page and copy it to a folder on the memory card which is then used in the PND.

Installation Notes

Information on Specific Navigation Devices





Medion (search)


HP 310 / 312 / 314 (search)



Cannot run OziExplorerCE or other Windows based software.


Other than the iQue M3/M4/M5 which are really PocketPc's no other Garmin can run OziExplorerCE or Windows based software.

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