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Portable Navigation Devices PND's which run the Windows CE O/S

Generic Chinese Navigators and Other "unlocked" Devices - Usually the generic Chinese navigators running Windows CE O/S are not locked and can run OziExplorerCE. These devices usually have the ability in their setup to specify which program is run when the GPS Software option is clicked, If they do not then it is difficult to run OziExplorerCE.

Locked Devices - (PND's which are locked and boot directly into the street nav software) - will not be suitable for 4WD use running OziExplorerCE unless it can be unlocked (See the section below - "Devices which are Locked").

Please note : Devices which do not use the Windows CE operating system, cannot run Windows based software and so can only use the software and maps they are supplied with.

Installing OziExplorerCE on PND's

Because these devices most likely do not have ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Centre you need to download the "OziExplorerCE.exe" version of OziExplorerCE for your device from the "Download / Navigator" section on the OziExplorerCE web page.

(Note: This is the most common download required for these devices. If you have a device which uses a "x86" or "mips" CPU (very rare)  please contact us for a special download link.

Copy the "OziExplorerCE.exe" to a folder on the memory card which is then used in the PND.

Installation Notes


Adding Maps to the PND for use with OziExplorerCE

IMPORTANT : in OziExplorerCE configuration, configure the folder where the maps have been stored so OziExplorer knows where to look for maps. (in OziExplorerCE Configuration / Map & Data Files)

  1. Maps are stored on the memory card in the OziExplorer "Maps" folder.
  2. For each map, 2 files are required (a) the OziExplorer calibration file (.map) and the map itself (it may have the file extension .ozf2, .ozfx3, .ozf4, .ecw or another of the supported formats)
  3. To use the maps on the device, copy the 2 files for each map to the memory card.
  4. If the maps do not load when GPS tracking is "ON" check the following.
    • The GPS has a clear view of the sky and has a fix on the satellites.
    • For each map, 2 files (as described above) have been copied.
    • The folder the maps have been copied to is the same folder configured in OziExplorerCE Configuration / Map & Data Files and this path is ticked as "Active"
  5. "Image file not found or could not be loaded".  If this message is received it means the (.map) file has been copied ok, but the actual map image is not there.  Check and make sure the 2 files have been copied for each map.

For Australians - Hema Maps - To use the Hema Maps, copy the (.map) file and the (.ozf2) or (.ozf4). For Example : for the Hema 2012 Cape York map, copy the files "Cape York.map" and "Cape York.ozf2"

Maps which have not been calibrated ready for use in OziExplorerCE can be calibrated on the PC using OziExplorer for PC.

If your maps have not been calibrated for use in OziExplorerCE you need the PC version of OziExplorer.  OziExplorer has 2 features to calibrate maps, either use the "Import Maps" or "Load and Calibrate Map" option depending on your maps (See the OziExplorer program Help for more information).

If you also want to use the maps for trip planning etc. on the PC or need to calibrate your own maps, then the PC OziExplorer can be downloaded from the OziExplorer page of our website. A license can be purchased from the "Buy Now" page.

Devices which are "locked" and cannot install OziExplorerCE

The information below may be helpful if you own one of these devices.

Some models are locked to prevent software other than what is supplied from being used. There may be information on the internet on how to unlock the device to allow it to run Windows based software and a search usually finds it..

Note : we do not provide assistance in the unlocking of any device or running of OziExplorerCE on them.  Check the links below for instructions for unlocking to allow the running of additional software.

Information on Specific Navigation Devices

Navman, Mio, Medion, HP 310 / 312 / 314, TomTom, Garmin

For these devices, see this page. Click here.

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